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  • Create an Opportunity

Quick Actions

// Kill any links with the deadLink class applied (function($){ $('.deadLink').click( function(e) { e.preventDefault(); }); })(jQuery); // Instance the tour var tour = new Tour({ template: "

", storage: false, steps: [ { orphan: true, backdrop: true, template: "

", title: "Guided tour ", content: "You will now be taken on a quick guided tour of My Expert People (MXP).", }, { element: "#invite-candidate-sidebar", title: "Invite a candidate ", content: "A candidate is someone that you think is suitable for a role.

Build your network of candidates by inviting them to join MXP.

Once they are in your network you can recommend them for roles they may be suitable for.", placement: "bottom" }, { element: ".box_orange", template: "

", title: "Message your Expert ", content: "In order to get started, an Expert in your network needs to send you a role.

Click here to view your network and message an Expert to ask them what roles they would like your help with.", placement: "bottom" } ] }); jQuery(window).load(function($) { tour.init(true); tour.start(true); tour.goTo(0); });
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