Candidate accepted tutorial (dashboard)

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Project Manager - Maurice Mossby has accepted this role. Please review and send to Client. - view opportunity View


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// Instance the tour var tour = new Tour({ template: "

", storage: false, steps: [ { orphan: true, backdrop: true, template: "

", title: "Recommend a candidate ", content: "When you send a role to a candidate, you will need to wait for them to accept it before you can forward their details to the client." }, { element: "#candidateAccepted", title: "Candidate accepted ", content: "Whenever a candidate accepts a role you have sent them, you will be notified by an alert on your dashboard. You will also be notified via email.", placement: "bottom" }, { element: "#viewOpportunityLink", template: "

", title: "Send to client ", content: "Click this link to review the candidate's application and forward their details to the client.", placement: "bottom" } ] }); jQuery(window).load(function($) { tour.init(true); tour.start(true); tour.goTo(0); });
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